Office 365 for AOS-G Licensing and Government Community Cloud Clients

Government Community Cloud 

AOS-G Licensing and Government Community Cloud

Microsoft’s Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) was architected exclusively for federal, state, and local government organizations. In addition to the features and capabilities of Office 365, your government organization benefits from the following features, which are unique to Office 365 Government Community Cloud:


GCC data is segregated from commercial customer content.
In addition to the separation of data at the application layer, the GCC provides your organization with a secondary layer of physical segregation for customer content by using infrastructure that is separate from the infrastructure used for commercial Office 365 customers.


GCC data is stored within the United States.
Office 365 services in the GCC are provided from datacenters physically located in the United States.


Access to the GCC is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel.
Access to Office 365 Government customer content by Microsoft administrators is restricted to personnel who are U.S. citizens. These personnel undergo background investigations in accordance with relevant government standards.


Office 365 Government complies with certifications and accreditations that are required for U.S. Public Sector customers.
Office 365 Government supports the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) accreditation at a Moderate Impact level. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online Archiving, Lync Online, and Office Online have features that can support CJIS requirements for law enforcement agencies.


LiftOff is Microsoft’s top seller of Office 365 licenses for the AOS-G program. We have placed over 700 state and local government organizations into the Government Community Cloud.


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